Have you ever felt like you wanted a healthy lifestyle but never know when or where to start? Let me break it down for you. The first step is deciding that you really want to be healthy before moving onto the next phase which reducing the percentage of sedentary lifestyle in your daily life.

We have become lazy and just like everything else we want a healthy lifestyle to be ‘instant’. So how do we make our plan translate to reality? A simple walk to the grocery store instead of having it delivered or whisking flour instead of putting it in a food-processor–these are simple easy ways of squeezing in some workout into your daily routine.

In this 3-part video, I give you 3 weekly Suggest-O-Lutions to keep you active. For this week, these are the Suggest-O-Lutions for you, click on the video to learn more:

1. Practice Fitness Forgiveness

Even the best of plans can go awry, whether it’s not having clean socks, forgetting your gym shoes at the office, not hearing the alarm, it happens. Give yourself a break! It’s okay. Slow and steady wins the race. Keep going and as mom always says – no use in crying over spilt milk. What’s done is done.

2. Practice Food Forgiveness

One meal will not make or break your entire existence. If it could, we’d all be stick thin after skipping one meal. Let it go and start over again with the next meal, the next day or the next week. The key is to not dwell on it. Enjoy it for what it was and try to make healthier choices next time.

3. Create characters with healthy and realistic bodies

One of my favorite characters chows down on pizza, pasta and other low-nutrient, calorie-rich meals, only to take a break to stuff herself with cheese puffs, M&Ms and cupcakes while still remaining amazingly fit, incredibly gorgeous and razor thin, despite never exercising a day in her life. Help make the imaginary world a better place for all of us and create characters who care about their health, want to eat fruits and vegetables and enjoy exercising.[/fusion_text][youtube id=”yEZjoIJqKOo” width=”750″ height=”450″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””][/youtube]